Main Equipment

Yaesu FTDX5000MP

For HF / 6M i use the Yaesu FT5000MP transceiver.
For many years it's one of the best transceivers you can buy!
When you worked with this boy you never want something else.IMG 5838
No digging in menus or screens etc etc ...
Instant access to all important buttons for quick and accurate QSO's with very low signals.
Also direct access to all filters of both VFOs.
On the top of the transceiver is the SM-5000 Station Monitor.
The TRX has 2 fully independed receivers.
Both receivers can be directly controlled with the knobs on the front panel.
Also all filtering options is directly accessible from the front.
The power is 200W.

The FTDX5000 is still on number one on the list of Hans Remeeus (PA0Q)
Of course...without a decent antenna everything is relative...
Klick on the picture to see the pdf file.
Below ia a movie from my FTDX5000MP This was made during "The King of Spain"contest on 24-06-2018.

Yaesu FT991A

For 2 meters en 70cm i use The Yaesu FT 991A
I can switch the horizontal and vertical antenna on this set via the patch panel
HF on the transceiver is not in use, but if necesarry i can switch the HF antenne on the patch panel.



                    Sporadic E on 144 Mhz 16-06-2017 PD0LQQ in QSO with Russia.